Our Efforts, Speaks Itself

Why Lock, Stock & Barrel

● Subject matter expertise – Our leadership has decades of experience in social auditing, supply chain labor, human rights management, and risk mitigation.

● Stewards of responsible supply chains – We care about the impact your business has and look for the root causes to address supply chain issues.

● Reputable and ethical – In our first 3 years, we worked with over 15 global companies and industry groups and continue to add new clients each year.

● Agile, flexible, and global – Our vast network of auditors allows us to meet capacity while maintaining a high-level of experience and commitment to both internal and external client standards.

● Trusted and respected partner – We are trusted industry wide to be your eyes and ears on the ground, providing the best insight to move your program forward.

● Customer service oriented – We offer customized strategic insight through our partnership approach to problem solving, adapting to unique supply chain needs in a way that fosters cooperation with a complex
set of stakeholders.