Lock, Stock & Barrel work in a range of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, transportation, and extractives. Taking your responsible business practices to the next level can help sustain and improve business partnerships, reduce risks, enhance workplace environments, and improve profitability. LSB is a trusted partner of choice for safety, security and sustainability solutions. Over the last few years, we have added value to our partners and customers through a comprehensive portfolio of testing, certification, auditing and advisory services. We have enabled progress in society and businesses by staying true to our purpose of protecting people, the environment and assets from technology-related risks.

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Supply Chain Management Audit

A supply chain audit is a detailed examination and critique of your supply chain process. It checks in on each of the suppliers that you rely on and makes sure that costs are controlled and risk factors are mitigated to keep your supply chain running as smoothly as possible.

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Management System Certification

A management system describes the way in which companies organize themselves in their structures and processes in order to act systematically, ensure smooth processes and achieve planned results Modern management systems usually follow the PDCA cycle.

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Social Responsibility Management System Certification

This standard establishes the requirements for a social responsibility management system for organisations that are committed to existing social responsibility principles and recommendations.

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ctpat audit
C-TPAT Audit

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a supply chain security audit that is driven by the US Customs and Border Protection. It helps improve the security of those companies that are involved in the supply chain with respect to transactions with USA.

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coc audit
CoC Audit

A Code of Conduct (CoC) is a set of standards which govern corporate and business practices according to ethical and legal standards. By implementing a CoC, a company demonstrates its commitment to operate its business at the highest standards of ethics, exceeding legal minimums.

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